“The best locksmith services in San Antonio, Texas”

I am a business owner and the office building is one of the greatest and most important investments that I have. I want to protect my building and all the assets inside the building from burglary or any other problem by having a tight security and locking system. My business is based in San Antonio, Texas so naturally, I wanted to go for someone who is already familiar with the place and surroundings. I decided to contact Texas Professional Locksmith to do the installation of the security and locking system for me. We were able to agree on a schedule right away. They came by at the office building, did an inspection, and as I explained to them the security requirements that I wanted, they were able to come up with a great solution. They explained to me what they were planning to do and they also gave me an estimate of the costs that I might be spending for this project and how long it would take for them to finish this project. They immediately started with the installation of the security and locking system as soon as we came into agreement. They were able to finish the project even before the target completion date and I’m really happy about it. I’m 100% with their services and I recommend them to anyone living in San Antonio, Texas who are in need of locksmith services.


“Life Saver”

My friends from college suddenly asked me to go out for drinks after work one time because we haven’t seen each other for a long time. It was a spontaneous decision and since I had nothing to do after work anyway, I went with them. We met after work and did our catching up over dinner. It was a guys night out so none of my friends brought their girlfriends or their wives with them. We went to a bar after and reminisced our days in college when we drank a lot and did a lot of foolish things. We were so happy bringing back good old memories that we kept on drinking just like how we drank during college. We ended the night when we were all tipsy and quite drunk. I went home at 2 in the morning only to find out that my kiss were missing. I couldn’t remember whether I lost my keys in the office, over dinner, at the bar, or at the cab on my way home. I had to be home so I could sleep for a few hours before another work day. I contacted Texas Professional Locksmith and they responded to my call right away. A professional locksmith appeared at my doorstep 30 minutes after calling them. They briefly explained what they would be doing to my gate and to my door so that I can enter the house as soon as possible without going through too much hassle. The locksmith was able to open the lock in my gate and in my door quickly making me fully satisfied and super happy with a job-well done. I was able to enter my house before 3 in the morning and I was still able to go to work the next day.


“Quick and affordable”

I went grocery shopping one weekend. I wasn’t really sure if I brought the keys with me or if I left them in the car. I only realized that I didn’t have the keys with me when I was trying to open the car to put my groceries. I checked my pockets and the keys weren’t there. I immediately contacted Texas Professional Locksmith. I told them my situation and my location. They responded promptly and arrived within 20 minutes. They were able to unlock my car without causing any damages. They were able to do this in less than 30 minutes. I was really happy with their service. It’s easy to contact them, they respond quickly, they offer top quality service and the best part is that they offer all these at such an affordable price. You wouldn’t have to worry about your lockout problems and other locksmith issues because they will take care of everything for you. I would definitely contact them again if ever I encounter another lockout problem. I recommend their services to residents living in San Antonio, Texas.


“Professional locksmith services”

Texas Professional Locksmith is a very reliable company that offers locksmith services within San Antonio, Texas. I moved to a new office which was previously owned by someone else. I didn’t know the person who previously owned the office and I also wasn’t sure whether he/she still has a set of the keys. I wanted to felt safe and secure in my office so I decided to have the doors to my new office rekeyed. Texas Professional Locksmith was able to do the rekeying for me and they did it promptly. They gave me a new set of keys afterwards.

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