Professional Delivery and Safe Installation Services

Professional Delivery and Safe Install Services San Antonio, Texas

When you order furniture or anything that is heavy, it’s always a hassle thinking about how to have those things delivered to your home or office if you don’t have a truck or a car that is big enough to carry those heavy things. It’s convenient for stores that offer delivery and installation services whenever they sell you their products.

Only trust safe experts when it comes to safe delivery and installation. Texas Professional Locksmith is an overall expert when it comes to locks and keys. We provide various locksmith services for residential, automotive, and commercial purposes including delivery and installation of safes in your home or office. We offer full service when it comes to safe. Aside from providing safes to our customers, we also offer complete safe delivery and installation services. We have trucks and safe moving tools and equipment for safe, secure, and efficient delivery and installation of security cabinets and safes to anywhere within or at the nearby areas of San Antonio, Texas. We follow laws and procedures in securely transporting and locating safes.

Texas Professional Locksmith has all the required security licenses. We also have certifications and affiliations. All our certified professional safe technicians have undergone training and are also certified in the proper moving and installation of safes.

If you want us to do full custom safe delivery and installation services, please make arrangements with us by talking to one of our expert safe engineers through our hotline. We will deliver the safe to your location and offload it, and then safely, carefully, and securely deploy it to your desired area.

Professional Delivery

Safes can cost quite a lot. You wouldn’t want your safe to have scratches, dents, or damages once it reaches your home or office or wherever you want to have it delivered that’s why you should only trust the experts and professionals when it comes to delivering a safe to your home or to your office.

They are also heavy that’s why it takes knowledge, skills, training, and special equipment in order to move large ones. Our licensed safe technicians are the ones who are in charge of moving safes from one location to another. They also have the knowledge and skills to install safes depending on the insurance company and manufacturer’s standards and recommendations.

We offer delivery options to cater to our customer’s preference but it is the responsibility of our customers to authorize the safe to be delivered at the delivery address because otherwise, there will be a return delivery charge that amounts to the same cost as the initial delivery. For the other delivery options except for the full delivery and installation, any damages or loss incurred from the collection of the safe will be the full responsibility of the purchaser. The company will not be held liable for any damage or loss after the delivery of the safe.

Delivery Options

1. Full Delivery and Installation Service

Safes are delivered and installed by our professional safe technicians depending on the specific requirements of the site.

2. Deliver and Offload to Door

The safe is tail-lifted off the truck and delivered to the outside of the front of your door only. It is the customer’s responsibility to move the safe into its premises maneuver it to its final position, and do the proper installation.

3. Deliver to Location

The safe is only delivered to the location but it is the customer’s responsibility to unload the safe from the vehicle, move it to the premise, maneuver it to its final position, and do the proper installation.

4. Pick up from the Freight Transportation Depot

The customer will pick up the safe from the freight depot location. It is the customer’s responsible to relocate the safe.

5. Pick up directly from Warehouse

The customer will pick up the safe from the nearest warehouse to his/her location. It is the customer’s responsible to relocate the safe.

Professional Safe Installation

Avoid serious risk of damage or injury to your safe and compromise or risk of your safety by only trusting a professional to do the proper installation of your safe. Professionals do proper installation of safes complying with the manufacturer and insurance company’s standards and recommendations. Safe installation requires knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience to make sure that it is done safely and efficiently with minimal disruption.

Texas Professional Locksmith offers full professional safe delivery and installation services within San Antonio, Texas. Our licensed safe technicians have the knowledge, skills, training, certification, and experience in professionally installing safes in accordance to the manufacturer and insurance company’s standards and recommendations. After the installation, we will ensure that the safe is operating properly and to its maximum security level to give your safe maximum or optimal protection.

We offer professional safe delivery and installation 24/7. Simply give us a call and schedule an appointment for us to deliver and/or install the safe to your preferred location. Our services are of high quality standards but affordable for our customers. We can bolt down safes to floor boards, tiles, slabs, carpets, and even cement it down if required. We can also fit the safes to the walls and excavate and securely position floor safes.  We use specialized tools and equipment that have the latest technology to ensure the quality of the delivery and installation and also to avoid damages on the safe.

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